Objectives and tasks

Under the Gothenburg protocol, signatories have to report NH3 emissions annually. To satisfy the requirements of the protocol, the emission inventory approach must give a true picture of emissions, reliably and reproducibly show changes over time, recognise relatively small changes and take into account all relevant and measurable variables that influence emissions. To allow a coordinated implementation of the Protocol, different national inventories should be comparable. Inventory approaches often do not fully fulfil these requirements because 1) they are often based on expert assumptions for input data on farm management, 2) the structure and background of models used differs considerably, 3) the number of input variables is very limited and 4) not all NH3 emission inventory models account for other N losses.

European Agricultural Gaseous Emissions Inventory Researchers Network (EAGER) PDF, 164 KB
Paper presented at the 11th International Conference of the FAO ESCORENA Network on the Recycling of Agricultural, Municipial and Industrial Residues in Agriculture, Murcia, Spain, 6-9 October 2004